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Clinical History


The following dialogue is a conversation between Dr. Cali the veterinarian and Susan a veterinary student.  Susan is inquiring some information about the dead animals that were sent to the diagnostic lab by Dr. Cali.  Read the following dialogue carefully and choose the appropriate answer to the following quiz questions.


Susan: Ok Dr. Cali, now I need you to give me the following information.  What specimens are you sending?
Dr. Cali: I'm sending some dead rabbits.
Susan: How many are you sending?
Dr. Cali: Three.
Susan: What breed?
Dr. Cali:   New Zealand.
Susan:   What age are they?
Dr. Cali:   Three months old.
Susan:   What sex?
Dr. Cali:   Two females, one male.
Susan:   Is there any localized lesion?
Dr. Cali:   No.
Susan:  What tests are you requesting?
Dr. Cali: I need a necropsy and a histopathology report.
Susan: Were the rabbits euthanized?
Dr. Cali: No.  They died last night.
Susan: And how many animals are on the premises?
Dr. Cali: Approximately 300.
Susan: How many are dead?
Dr. Cali: Seven by now.
Susan: How many are sick?
Dr. Cali: Four have clinical signs.
Susan: When did the problem start?
Dr. Cali: Ten days ago.
Susan: Finally we need to know additional information like signs, treatments, post mortem findings and the kind of food given to them.
Dr. Cali: Ok.  I'll give it to you.

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