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How Learning works The CVM Teaching Academy summer book club will continue this year.  For the past two years we have had a successful program which has provided a great opportunity for Teaching Academy members to get together and discuss educational topics in a comfortable setting.  

In 2013 it has been decided that  the activity this summer will be to read and revisit the book "How Learning Works" by Ambrose, et al. There was strong consensus that this book is a great read. It has short, practical chapters that lend themselves to productive discussion. If you’re like many of us, reading “How Learning Works” in book club will result in your rethinking some of what you currently think about teaching and learning. Those of us who’ve read the book before will still benefit from reading it again, and we’ll be in a good place to help lead the discussion. We can also share some of the new things we’ve tried since reading it in 2011.

The Book Club format:

    The "club" will meet weekly to discuss ONE chapter and possibilities of classroom activities.

    The format will allow participants to attend as time allows.

    As in the past two years, the guiding principle will continue to be "no guilt/no pressure.”  Basically, you are invited to participate whenever you can.

    The only expectation will be when it’s your week to help facilitate the discussion.

    There will be four parallel gatherings:

    • Two groups will meet on campus during the day in the Bustad Coffee Shop.
      1. Tuesdays - 8 AM
      2. Thursdays - 2 PM
    • One group will meet outdoors on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm at Banyans on the Ridge
    • Anyone can attend either gathering.

The 2013 Summer Book Club selected read

    How learning works: seven research-based principles for smart teaching by Susan A. Ambrose, et al.  A full electronic copy of the book can be found here.

2013 Summer Book Club Survey Report

To see the 2012 Journal club activity, please visit this site (Internal website).

Summer Schedule:

Group Leader
May 9, 2013
Steve Lampa
Lunch Organizational Meeting in ABDF 2018/2020 at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
May 28 & 30
28th - DAY: Bill Davis
EVENING John Nilson

30th - DAY: Steve Lampa
EVENING: Leslie Sprunger
Introduction and Chapter 1: How Does Students' Prior Knowledge Affect Their Learning?
June 4 & 6
4th - DAY: Steve Lampa
EVENING Ruth Newberry

6th - DAY: Jim Peters
Chapter 2: How Does the Way Students Organize Knowledge Affect Their Learning?
June 11 & 13
11th - DAY: Patrick Wilson
EVENING Joe Maricelli

13th - DAY: Steve Lampa
Chapter 3: What Factors Motivate Students to Learn?
June 18 & 20
18th - DAY: Becky Dueben
EVENING Steve Hines

20th - DAY: Norah McCabe
Chapter 4: How Do Students Develop Mastery?
June 25 & 27
25th - DAY: Karalyn Arnow
EVENING Steve Lampa

27th - DAY: Elizabeth Carney
Chapter 5: What Kind of Practice and Feedback Enhance Learning?
July 9 & 11
9th - DAY: Steve Lampa
EVENING Lynne Nelson

11th - DAY: Briana Morrison
Chapter 6: Why Do Student Development and Course Climate Matter for Student Learning?
July 16 & 18
16th - DAY: TBA
EVENING Jenny Watts

18th - DAY: Bonnie Campbell
Chapter 7: How do Students Become Self-Directed Learners?
July 30 & Aug 1
30th - DAY: TBA
EVENING Julie Stanton

1st - DAY: Nicki Wise
Conclusion: Applying the Seven Principles to Ourselves
Aug 6 & 8
6th - DAY: Pamela Lee

8th - DAY: TBA
Reflection and Idea Exchange, Part 1
Aug 13 & 15
13th - DAY: Phil Mixter
EVENING Samantha Gizerian

15th - DAY: TBA
Reflection and Idea Exchange, Part 2
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