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CVM Educational Research Grant (ERG) Intramural Program

The goals of this program are to 1) promote educational research in the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, 2) foster innovation in the college’s DVM, undergraduate, and graduate curricula, and 3) support teaching and learning-focused scholarship by faculty involved in the educational missions of the CVM.


Deadline for Applications: May 30, 2014, 5:00 pm PDT

2013-2014 ERG Recipients





Skills Lab Building an Evidence-base to Better Determine Surgical Curriculum and Outcomes Assessment Dr. Julie Cary (VCS) Surgery Skills Research Group (CVM)
Motivation Adaptation of the Motivation, Attitudes, and Retention Survey (MARS) Instrument for Assessment of Microbiology Education Enhancement Program (MEEP) Impacts Dr. Phil Mixter (SMB) Dr. Jennifer LeBeau (COE)
Empathy The impact of interdisciplinary instruction in mindfulness on the clinical communication empathy scores in student health professionals Drs. Kathy Ruby (CVM) & Phyllis Erdman (COE) Dan Bayly (COE) & Chad Gotch (COE)
Metacognitive Metacognitive training to improve student performance in a large introductory biology course Dr. Julie Stanton (SMB) Dr. Xyanthe Neider (COE)

For more details about the grants, please refer to the 2013 Teaching Academy Annual Report.

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