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Dr. Jan IlkiwJan Ilkiw

The New DVM Curriculum at UC-Davis

April 26, 2012

Dr. Jan Ilkiw, BVSc, PhD, DEVVA
Associate Dean-Academic Programs and Professor at University of California- Davis

Website: Curriculum: Classes of 2015 and beyond

Schedule of Events:

Thursday (April 26th):

    12:00 pm - Lunch

    2:00 pm - Presentation: “The New DVM curriculum at UC-Davis”
    Location: Bustad 110J

    3:10 pm - Open Discussion with CVM Faculty

    4:10 pm - CVM Curriculum Committee Meeting

    5:30 pm - Dinner

Friday (April 27th):

    8:10 am - Individual meeting with CVM Faculty

    9:10 am - Meeting with small groups of CVM Faculty

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