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New Faculty Development - Past Sessions

March  7, 2014
Drs. Steve Hines and Samantha Gizerian
Workshop: Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

February 5/7, 2014

Drs. Steve Hines and George Barrington
Panel Discussion:
  • How to make your annual review an accurate and complete report of your teaching activities and accomplishments.
  • How to keep your CV organized and updated as a “living document” that demonstrates who you are and what you do.
  • How to organize and record your activities to produce a Teaching Portfolio for your promotion packet.
  • Read through the posted TIPS document from 2012, here
  • Examine some of the example CV’s posted online, here

October 17, 2013
Drs. Steve Lampa and Samantha Gizerian
Workshop: Scientific Teaching - Using the principles of research to guide teaching practice in the classroom and clinic

Aug 1, 2013
Rich Scott
Pixels and Bits: Presenting in the CVM Classroom for maximum learning
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