F4/80 EGF module-containing mucin-like hormone receptor 1(EMR1)(human)
Molecule TypeAntigen ExpressionMolecular Weight
Min / Max
Lineage Restricted Molecule
Type 3 glycoprotein, 7 span
Kupffer Cell
Bone Marrow
Stromal Cell
Langerhans Cell
Monocyte, Dim
Hematopoietic Cell
Blood Cell
155 / 165

The F4/80 mAb detects mouse macrophage populations in a wide range of tissues. F4/80+ macrophages are located in the splenic red pulp, Kupffer cells in the liver, medullary region of lymph nodes, microglia in the brain, lamina propria in the gut, bone marrow stroma, Langerhans cells in the skin and peritoneum.  Blood monocytes, thymic macrophages and macrophages in the lung express lower levels of the F4/80.  The sequence of human EMR1 is available, however mAbs specific for EMR1 have not yet been developed.  Limited RT-PCR analysis suggests that the human molecule is highly expressed on peripheral blood monocytes and a number of hematopoietic cell lines.

F4/80 is a single chain type 3, 7 span glycoprotein.  It is a member of the EGF-TM7 family which also includes the CD97.  The deduced aa sequence of F4/80 shows that it is comprised of 7 extracellular EGF domains, followed by a region of 277 aa and 7 transmembrane-spanning regions with a sequence similarities to the G protein-coupled transmembrane receptors.  F4/80 has also been shown to be extensively N-glycosylated, moderately O-glycosylated and contains a chondroitin sulfate glycosaminoglycan attachment.

Cell Type Unreduced Reduced
160 kDa 160 kDa

F4/80 ligands are unknown.



The mouse F4/80 and human EMR1 polypeptide sequences share a 68% overall aa identity, although the mouse F4/80 contains 7 extracellular EGF domains compared to the 6 in EMR1.  F4/80 and EMR1 are either species orthologues or are members of a closely related group of proteins.

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Revised June 25, 2008

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