Mac-2-BP Mac-2 binding protein, Cy AP (cyclophilin C-associated protein), L3 antigen, MAMA
Molecule TypeAntigen ExpressionMolecular Weight
Min / Max
Non-lineage Restricted Molecule
Scavenger receptor
Tumor Cell
Macrophage, Activated
95 / 100

Human Mac-2-BP is present in extracellular fluids with a high concentration in breast milk and is secreted by cultured tumor cells. Mouse Mac-2-BP is expressed on the surface of activated macrophages and mRNA is found in many organs but not the brain.  Mouse Mac-2-BP mRNA is strongly increased in response to adherence and moderately to TNF and IFNg.

Mac-2-BP contains an N-terminal scavenger receptor cysteine-rich domain.  Mac-2-BP is susceptible to cleavage and there is a dibasic cleavage site at residue 417. There is no obvious transmembrane sequence or a site for the attachment of a GPI-anchor.  The native molecular size of human Mac-2-BP is in the order of several million kDa.

Cell Type Unreduced Reduced
97 kDa 97 kDa

Mac-2-BP binds galectin 3, formerly known as Mac-2, and to cyclophilin C.  Binding of Mac-2-BP to galectin 3 is lactose dependent.  Binding of cyclophilin C to Mac-2-BP is inhibited by cyclosporin. Mac-2-BP is reported to bind to CD14 in the presence of LPS.




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