WC1 WC1 (cattle) antigen
Molecule TypeAntigen ExpressionMolecular Weight
Min / Max
Lineage Restricted Molecule
Type 1 glycoprotein
T Lymphocyte
115 / 225

WC1 is expressed exclusively on CD4-/CD8- gd T lymphocytes with >90% of circulating gd T cells in cattle, the T19 antigen in sheep, pig, lamas, and Artiodactyla camels.  WC1+ cells are found in the thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, in the dermis of the skin and the lamina propria of the gastrointestinal tract.  The T19 antigen, OvWC1, in sheep has a similar distribution.  Multiple WC1 genes are estimated to be in the order of 10 genes within a region of ~1 Mb and are found in cattle which encode the heterogeneous WC1 isoforms with overlapping epitopes and patterns of expression.  Using mAb specific for each of 3 expressed WC antigens, WC1.1, W1.2 and WC1.3, it was found that the WC1.1 and WC1.2 antigens are expressed on non-overlapping subsets of peripheral blood gd  T cells, whereas the WC1.3+ subset is contained within the WC1.1+ subset.  The number of T19 genes in sheep is estimated to be between 50 and 100.  Expressed orthologues of WC1 have only been found in other Artiodactyla, pigs, lamas, camels, deer, and elk.  In contrast to WC1 in ruminants that has 11 SRCR domains, the orthologue in pigs only contains 5 SRCR domains.  Although related genomic sequences have been identified in other species, none have been found that encode the orthologue of WC1.

WC1 is a single chain type 1 glycoprotein.  It is a member of the Group B scavenger receptor cysteine- rich (SRCR) superfamily that includes CD5, CD6 and CD163.  The extracellular region consists of 11 SRCR domains. Domains 2-6 and domains 7-11 appear to be coded for a higher order repeating element with a gap between the 2nd and 3rd domains between repeats 3 and 4, and between repeats 8 and 9 of WC1.1.  A similar type of the repeating element is found in CD163.  The 2 other WC1 cDNA clones that have been isolated, WC1.2 and WC1.3, are highly homologous with an ~85% identity to WC1.1.

Cell Type Unreduced Reduced
220 kDa 220 kDa

The ligand for WC1 is expressed on tissue macrophages and a subset of dendritic cells.

The function of WC1 is not known but it has been speculated that the function may be the CD4/CD8 homologue of gd T cells.  Alternatively, WC1 could be involved in the control of gd  T cell homing to various tissues.


Database accession numbers
19.19   View Reactivity
B7A1   View Reactivity
BAG25A   View Reactivity
BAQ113A   View Reactivity
BAQ128A   View Reactivity
BAQ136A   View Reactivity
BAQ159A   View Reactivity
BAQ167A   View Reactivity
BAQ4A   View Reactivity
BAQ72A   View Reactivity
BAQ89A   View Reactivity
BAQ90A   View Reactivity
BAQ99A   View Reactivity
CACT47A   View Reactivity
CACTB15A   View Reactivity
CACTB18A   View Reactivity
CACTB1A   View Reactivity
CACTB28A   View Reactivity
CACTB31A   View Reactivity
CACTB32A   View Reactivity
CC101   View Reactivity
CC15   View Reactivity
CGB24A   View Reactivity
GB45A   View Reactivity
GB54A   View Reactivity
ILA29A   View Reactivity
TPN19A   View Reactivity

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