Renal Pelvis

Back capsule cortex medulla renal pelvis

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The renal pelvis is the space between the portion of medulla in the lower right corner of the image and the multilayered epithelium to the left of it. We will look more closely at that epithelium and the adipose tissue in the upper left portion of the image. I hope you recognized the adipose tissue. The tissue between the epithelium and the adipocytes appears to be a combination of loose connective tissue near the epithlium and dense, irregularly arranged connective tissue near the adipose tissue. The later is continuous with the renal capsule. I will not ask you to differentiate the two in this region. Remember, epithelia requires an underlying connective tissue containing capillaries to receive its nutrition and remove its waste products. Click on the epithelium or the adipose tissue buttons for close ups: epithelium adipose