WSU_3_076: Bovine Teat

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sup. epidermis deep epidermis dermis                                                       teat mucosa         

Hopefully, you understand by now the need for stratified squamous epithelium on the skin. The epithelial portion of the skin is also known as the epidermis. If you consider the bovine teat, a structure that hangs quite low in dairy cattle (making it susceptible to all kinds of trauma and irritation), you can appreciate the need for a thick and keratinized (cornified) stratified squamous epithelium. Here, we will examine the layers of stratified squamous epithelium. We will also look at the dermis, which is the connective tissue layer under the epidermis. In addition, click on the image on the right for a close-up of the epithelium lining the inside of the teat.

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