VPh 308-Functional Anatomy

Laboratory Review (Revised 05/27/2011)

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pegasus.jpg (1086360 bytes)Navigation of this web-site: From here (this is Home), you have the choice of going to the Histology-page or the Gross-page (links above). These give you access to the histology or gross portions of each lab (not all labs have both). From a Histology lab's parent page, links will generally be present to the previous or next Histology lab's parent page, and where applicable, links are present for the concurrent Gross lab parent page. You will find a similar setup on the Gross lab parent pages. Navigation of the labs sometimes requires the reading of the text to know what to click on next, while other times, navigation bars are present. [Back] links will generally return you to the previous page or level, while [Up] links will return you to the parent page for the lab. If you get lost, click on [Back] or [Up] links until you find yourself.

SOMETHING NEW: The Histology section contains Virtual Microscopy (read the Histo-page completely before use).


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