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September 18, 2004 - Idaho vs. WSU

Bear Heart Study


3:30 pm - Smith Center 202
Faculty Member: Lynne Nelson, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Title of Conversation: Grizzly bear hibernation- What can we learn?



During a 5-6 month hibernation, grizzly bears do not eat, drink or eliminate body wastes yet they are able to maintain healthy organ function. We are interested in how grizzly bears are able to maintain normal heart function during this period, at heart rates that would result in congestive heart failure in a person. We have hand-raised 2 grizzly bears cubs that we are able to study heart function non-invasively (with ultrasound) and without sedatives or drugs. Preliminary results will be discussed.

4:30 pm - Smith Center 219
Faculty Member: James Krueger, Professor, Veterinary and Comparative Anatomy, Pharmacology and Physiology
Title of Conversation: Sleep and Performance-Why Do We Need to Sleep?
General information about sleep, its structure, and causes will be presented. Further, the effects of sleep loss on cognitive and physical performance will be described. Some human sleep disorders will be mentioned as well as the effects of some drugs such as alcohol and caffeine. The general question of why it is you need to sleep will be discussed.


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