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Draft Horse Club

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This club is no longer active. (as of 2008)

Former Mascots


Seamus the draft horseAge: 12 years old

Breed: Shire

Color: Dark Brown with white feet

Height: 17 hands

Weight: 2000lbs

Shoe size: 7 (Average horse is size 0-1)


Robbie the draft horse

In 1985 the Robbie Club was formed. Robbie (Clydesdale): 1975-1997. Robbie enjoyed a secure and happy retirement here in Pullman, Washington, until December 1, 1997, when he was found down in his pasture. Despite the best efforts of his caregivers, one of whom was a veterinarian, he passed away peacefully that evening. He was a giant in body and spirit.


Carpathian  the draft horse

Carpathian IX: Black Percheron gelding. Replaced Robbie in 1996, retired from duty in 1999.


Laddie the draft horse

Laddie: A Belgian, became the mascot in 1999. Laddie was stricken with Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (Monday morning sickness), a common muscle disease in draft horses, and died in November 2001.


Jenkins the draft horse

Jenkins, a Percheron cross was the mascot from 2002-2005. Following retirement he lived on Moscow Mountain until his death in 2007.

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