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Resident Raptors

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Sprite the great horned owl
Sprite Great-horned Owl
Tundra the snowy owl
Tundra Snowy Owl
Widget the barn owl
Widget Barn Owl
Gus the great grey owl
Gus Great Grey Owl
Sawyer - Northern Saw-whet Owl
Sawyer Northern Saw-whet Owl
Kotori- Western Screech Owl
Kotori Western Screech Owl
Hurik- Northern Pygmy Owl
Hurik Northern Pygmy Owl



Brenda the red tailed hawk
Brenda Red Tailed Hawk
Dakota the red tailed hawk
Dakota Red Tailed Hawk



Everett the kestrel
Everett American Kestrel



Amicus the golden eagle
Amicus Golden Eagle


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