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Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) 

VMBA reps

Ranked #1 Nationally in 2014
Left to right: Erin Hughes (2015 Utah Rep),  Jessica Nielson (2015 Utah Rep),Melissa Boyer (2016 President), Melanie Bowden (2014 President).

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The WSU VBMA chapter, along with its Utah and Montana branches, ranks #1 at the 2014 National Meeting in Orlando Florida for the second consecutive year in a row. Chapters are ranked based on a metric system that measures performance indicators including: member numbers, chapter activity, quality of the business certificate program (BCP), fundraising and program diversity. The BCP has four main pillars of education: Business Finance, Business Operations and Management, Business Leadership, & Personal & Career Development.  

Unique to WSU VBMA students are required to complete a capstone project to obtain their gold certificate. Capstone’s offer students the opportunity to display their knowledge gained in the business certificate program & explore in more depth different aspect of veterinary business. We are so proud of our chapter officers past and present and our members for achieving this recognition. 

Mission Statement

To enhance the WSU CVM curriculum with business education and to invest in the advancement of students and the profession at large, WSU Veterinary Business Management Association is dedicated to the provision of invaluable business and leadership opportunities which empower student growth, both personally and professionally.  

The WSU VBMA Board Will:

  1. Uphold the missions of both the national and WSU VBMA;
  2. Offer the business certificate program at both the Gold and Silver levels with expected completion within 4-6 semesters;
  3. Distinguish our chapter members with the completion of a Capstone project for Gold recognition;
  4. Promote the development of skills outlined in the business certificate program;
  5. Further and maintain WSU VBMA’s professional reputation and national standing;
  6. Provide advocacy for our members as it pertains to school policies affecting clubs;

Utilize our resources wisely and for the betterment of member experience.

Why hire a VBMA Graduate?

Graduates of the VBMA Business Certificate Program have specialized knowledge in four areas of business:

  1. Business Finance
  2. Business Operations, Ownership & Management
  3. Business Leadership Skills
  4. Career and Personal Development 

They are prepared for the challenges a real practice presents, have ideas on building a client base, communicating with owners and team members, and understand that veterinarian medicine needs to be both focused on service and profitability. VBMA members have strong personal drives paired with a desire to constantly learn and improve their skills. Being part of an organization like this has made them aware of changes in the profession and areas for growth within veterinary medicine. 

What is the Business Certificate Program (BCP)?

The VBMA centers their education around the BCP. This ensures that all graduates have an equal exposure to the four core curriculum categories. The WSU VBMA standard is the Gold level with the additional completion of a capstone project. Projects are collected once a year and sent out to professionals to be graded. The professionals then write lengthy notes to help you hone and improve your project moving forward. Meetings are held throughout the semester. One hour of lecture equates to 1 credit for the BCP. In order to qualify as an hour of lecture the lecture must last a minimum of 45 minutes. Learn more below. 

WSU VBMA  Advisor Dr. Richard DeBowes was Awarded Veterinarian of the Year in 2014!

The WSU VBMA Advisor, Dr. Richard DeBowes was awarded Washington State Veterinary Medical Association's Veterinarian of the Year in 2014! Dr. DeBowes is an amazing leader in the veterinary field and has traveled around the world to speak in 20 countries on 4 continents about emotional intelligence, communication and servant leadership. Dr. DeBowes teaches us to "Do the Common Things Uncommonly Well" and definitely leads by example. We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. DeBowes at WSU and as our chapter advisor! Congratulations Dr. DeBowes!        

VMBA Dinner

VBMA Dinner Lecture

VMBA Officers

Pictured: 2013-2014 VBMA Officers

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