Dissertations, Theses & Other Graduate Student Resources

Higher Ed: From Soup to Nuts- booklet on academic career development - Surviving stages of grad school, dissertation writing, finding a mentor, crowd funding for research projects, and more. From VITAE, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Thesis and Dissertation Writing Resources - North Carolina State University Graduate School website; excellent resources!

Select Your Advisor Wisely - Grad School Guide from ConnectEDU

Life as a Graduate Student - Managing faculty and student relationships, life-work balance, dealing with crises, etc.

Phinished.org - Blog that addresses dissertation writing, defending, teaching, dealing with self-doubt, academic employment issues, and more.

Chronicle of Higher Education Academic Career Development Booklet: resources on dissertations, negotiating job offers, finding mentors, and crowdfunding for research projects

Successful Academic - Dissertation writing, organization and time management, cultivating mentors and social support, teaching tips, and more

WSU Graduate School - Policies, procedures, forms, assistantships, deadlines, and advice for WSU graduate students.

Washington State University