(Also see Body Image)

About Eating Disorders - The Eating Disorder Foundation

Anorexia Nervosa

Binge Eating

Overcoming Binge Eating - Christopher Fairburn. Excellent research based self-help guide

Bulimia.com - Resources for coping with bulimia

What To Do If Someone You Know Has An Eating Disorder - Information from WSU Counseling Services

When Your Body Image Doesn't Measure Up - Information from the National Institute of Health

Anorexia Nervosa: a Guide to Recovery - Hall, L., & Ostroff, M. (1998). Carlsbad: Gurze Books.

Hunger for Understanding: a Workbook for Helping Young People Understand and Overcome Anorexia Nervosa. - Evors, A., & Nesbit, S. (2005). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Request through interlibrary loan or buy through Ebook Library.

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