DC for Clients and Facilitators

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Things to do BEFORE DCs Start:

By this time a majority of the logistical considerations have been completed and you are now ready to prepare for the upcoming Diagnostic Challenge.

This page is designed as a checklist to better prepare you, as the facilitator for your case and to make sure your client is comfortable and prepared for the week events.

To download the Facilitator's "To do" Pre-DC Checklist, click here.

Prior to the DC - Starting several weeks before the exercise:

  • Use the online case folder to review case and store ALL case material and documents
  • Review all client scripts - remember clients ONLY receive information for the next installment, so they don't know what's coming and don't know the Dx.
  • Clinic Scenario Geographic location, clinic capabilities, initial appointment times, etc
  • Communicate with co-facilitator & client as soon as possible!

Prior to Monday of the DC week, you must have prepared [1] Clinic Scenario (need to revise for email delivery) and [2] Client's Day 1 script.

Facilitator Toolbox:

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