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COVID-19 Updates

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we adjusted how we offered care to the community. We are now back to offering twice monthly clinics at New Horizons. The clinic team is following all current safety guidelines. We ask that all clients wear masks and follow social distancing practices while at the clinic. To learn more about the One Health Clinic in Seattle, visit our Facebook page.

One Health Clinic Toolkit

The One Health Clinic team has created a toolkit to help people in other communities start integrated human and veterinary healthcare clinics. We encourage you to check it out if you are interested in creating a One Health Clinic in your community. 

Support the One Health Clinic

To learn more about these outreach opportunities, contact Christie Cotterill at (206) 219-2402 or by email.

To make a gift by mail: 
Please make check payable to the WSU Foundation and send to:

Veterinary Development Office
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One Health Clinic

The One Health Clinic is a place where people experiencing homelessness with companion animals can get medical and veterinary care in a side-by-side setting to improve the health of the whole family. 

The Clinic is a partnership with the University of Washington Center for One Health Research. The goal of this partnership is to research the impact having a companion animal has on people facing homelessness and to provide research-based recommendations for combined healthcare. 

The clinic is offered twice per month and is an extension of the human healthcare provided through the Neighborcare Health Youth Clinic at New Horizons shelter. Veterinary care is provided by DVM students on rotation at Seattle Humane under the supervision of Dr. Katie Kuehl. University of Washington pre-med students volunteer through the University District Street Medicine club to support the patients.

Veterinary care includes wellness check-ups, vaccinations, treatment for common conditions and other primary care services. Spay, neuter or other surgeries are not performed at this clinic. Referrals for free spay/neuter surgeries are available. Other referrals for discounted services are discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

Human medical care includes treatment for illnesses or injury, care for ongoing conditions, vaccinations, STI/HIV care, birth control, referrals to specialists and dental care, and more. Referrals for care that cannot be provided at the clinic are available. 

The One Health Clinic was created as a first step to determine the need for animal care services for people facing homelessness in Seattle and King County. We believe that by offering health care for people and their pets, all members of the family unit, whether they have 2 legs or four, are healthier. The long-term goal is to provide resources to nonprofit and governments, so the program can be replicated in communities across the United States. 

DVM students also participate in other community outreach activities serving people who are low-income or experiencing homelessness. These include Healthy People + Healthy Pets in Spokane, Doney Coe Pet Clinic in Seattle and Pet Project in Bellevue. 


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