Recognition Awards

Other Distinguished Staff Awards

  • 2020 President’s Safety Award

    Bree Peterson

    Congratulations to Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience’s Bree Peterson who will receive the President’s Safety Award at 12:30 p.m., Friday, October 23 during the WSU Safety, Health and Security Fair.  Bree, who has been with the college for nearly 17 years, has many roles in the department including lab manager for Dr. James Peters and managing the breeding colony for Dr. David Rossi.

    As the department’s safety coordinator, she is always happy to help provide safety policy and procedure information to students, faculty and staff.  She says she was happily surprised to receive this award. Thanks to Bree for all she does to ensure a safe and healthy environment in the college!  

  • Other Distinguished Staff Awards 2010

    Becky Morton

    Becky Morton, Department Administrative Manager, IPN Receives the Dean's Team Player Award which is Given to an individual who has worked tirelessly to help colleagues to become more productive.

    Rachel Jensen Receives the Dr. Gordon H. Keown Award for outstanding performance and dedication as a staff member of the Equine Division.

    Jeanne Jensen Receives the Sponsored Programs Administration Service Award.


  • Other Distinguished Staff Awards 2009

    Heather Cochran is the September 2009 Crimson Spirit Award winner.

    Barb Robbins

    Barb Robbins Earns the Extra Miles Award posted May 4, 2009

    The DEAN'S EXTRA MILE AWARD is "given to an individual who has gone the 'extra mile' for their college, and colleagues, on many occasions." I chose one of our long-time staff members in Student Services to receive this award this year. Barb Robbins has been going the extra mile for students, staff, and faculty since I was a veterinary student. For those of us around the college the last 3+ decades, it seems like there has never been a time that Barb wasn't helping us all succeed.


    Lauri Kramer

    Lauri Kramer, Fiscal Specialist II for IPN, was honored at the WSU Sponsored Program Administrators March 18 (2009) one-day conference with the Grants and Contracts Contribution Award. Details


    Rebecca Morton

    Rebecca Morton has been named one of five recipients of the annual President’s Employee Excellence Awards. The awards recognize civil service and administrative professional staff for outstanding contributions regarding productivity of the unit; innovative problem solving; positive working relations; and community service.

    Morton is described as the genuine “go-to” person in IPN. She is commended by faculty for anticipating needs and solving problems before they even arise.

    Her coordination of people and projects and ability to bring her team on board testify to her exceptional relations with co-workers. Her interest in students extends to her hosting international students in her home during the holidays. She gives time and commitment to areas outside the office, including WSU’s Work-Life Committee and the Commission on the Status of Women.


  • Other Distinguished Staff Awards 2008

    Mike Malcolm

    Mike Malcolm earns the Extra Miles Award posted May 28, 2008

    The Dean’s Extra Miles Award is given to an individual who has gone the "extra miles" for their college, and colleagues on many occasions.

    The award was presented at the Celebration of Excellence on May 16, 2008.


    Sandra Brabb

    Sandi Brabb honored with Administrative Professional Contribution Award

    Sandra (Sandi) Brabb, Assistant Director of the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program was selected from 11 nominees to receive The Administrative Professional Advisory Council (APAC)'s Administrative Professional Contribution Award at a reception Thursday, May 8, 2008. This award recognizes WSU administrative professional (AP) individuals who have contributed beyond their expected or required performance in their area/unit, for the university and the community by making a unique difference and/or their efforts have had a far reaching impact.

    A second award went to Joanne Greene, Associate Director for Programs, University Recreation nominated by Brad Stewart.

    The APAC also recognized the other AP nominees and nominators for their outstanding efforts and service. They were John Brabb, Crop and Soil Sciences nominated by Bill Pan; Mark Brownell, College of Sciences nominated by Mary Sanchez-Lanier; Rosanne Chandler, School of Music nominated by Gerald Berthiaume, Charles Argersinger and Greg Yasinitsky; John Haugen, Creamery nominated by David Dean; Joe Jacobs, Health and Wellness Services nominated by Donna Hash; Laura Lahne, Center for Civic Engagement nominated by Dan Allbery and Kristin Sergeant; Rebecca (Becky) Morton, Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience nominated by Bryan Slinker; Debi Robinson-Smith, Women’s Resource Center nominated by Kintisha Williams and Joan Opyr; and Barbara Smith, Department of Entomology nominated by Richard Zack.

    Becky Morton named “Mentor of the Year" for AP staff - April 2008

    Congratulations to IPN's Financial Manager, Becky Morton, who was named “Mentor of the Year" for AP staff during the Women and Leadership Forum April 2. Becky was nominated by office staff Lauri Kramer and Laura Kinslow.  IPN members Barbara Sorg, Sandra Brabb, and Pam Colbert were nominated for the same award and were also honored at the forum. The awards began in 2005 in conjunction with the 10th Annual Women & Leadership Forum sponsored by the Women & Leadership Alliance.  More than 65 nominations were received, with all nominees being recognized at the Forum and in the Outstanding Mentors Stories booklet provided to all attendees.


  • Other Distinguished Staff Awards 2007

    Sandra Brabb

    Sandra (Sandi) Brabb, Assistant Director for the Neuroscience Undergraduate Program, was honored in March 2007 for her service to WSU by receiving one of the annually awarded President's Employee Excellence Awards. The award was presented at a special ceremony, where Sandi was also given an honorarium for her service to WSU.

    Sandi has been a staff member at IPN since April of 1992, when she began as an assistant to the chair. She has served on many search and other committees, served as Chair of the Staff Senate, and has also been instrumental in women's and other important issues on the WSU campus.

    Recently named Assistant Director for the undergraduate Neuroscience program in the Department of IPN, Sandi has worked diligently to build the program and keep it in the limelight through her efforts at marketing the Neuroscience Program, advising undergraduates, Kids' Judge and other outreach programs, plus planning and implementing numerous activities that have helped to build and advertise this successful program. Sandi spends hours traveling for recruiting, advising, and making presentations to students and prospective students in this program.

    For information on the WSU President's award, please go to:


    Teri Olson receives the Dr. Gordon H. Keown Award posted August 2007

    This award recognizes the outstanding performance and dedication by a staff member of the Equine Division in providing exemplary care to patients and in supporting the efforts of the clinical faculty to this end. Teri is a Scientific Instructional Technician and Equine Surgery and Equine Dental Technician in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences.


    Colleen Engel

    Colleen Engel

    Recognized for providing live-saving first aid measures to a choking victim


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