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Other Distinguished Staff Awards 2005

Mike Malcolm and Pam Robertson Receive Safety Awards - August 2005

At the university-wide annual safety conference on August 11, 2005, two members of the College of Veterinary Medicine received the top two individual awards and the CVM safety committee received the highest category of safety committee award.

Mike Malcolm received the Environmental Health and Safety Leadership Award for his outstanding efforts in safety, security, emergency planning and response, and environmental activities.

Pam Robertson from WADDL received the Certificate of Appreciation Award for her outstanding safety work and the enthusiasm she demonstrates for the safety and welfare of your college and its staff.

The CVM Safety Committee was selected to be recognized as a committee that excelled in achieving or making significant progress toward the goals of maintaining and enhancing a safe and healthful workplace at Washington State University.

The VCS, WADDL and VMP safety committees received silver awards for excellent performance throughout the year.


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