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Other Distinguished Staff Awards

Other Distinguished Staff Awards 2007

Sandra Brabb

Sandra (Sandi) Brabb, Assistant Director for the Neuroscience Undergraduate Program, was honored in March 2007 for her service to WSU by receiving one of the annually awarded President's Employee Excellence Awards. The award was presented at a special ceremony, where Sandi was also given an honorarium for her service to WSU.

Sandi has been a staff member at IPN since April of 1992, when she began as an assistant to the chair. She has served on many search and other committees, served as Chair of the Staff Senate, and has also been instrumental in women's and other important issues on the WSU campus.

Recently named Assistant Director for the undergraduate Neuroscience program in the Department of IPN, Sandi has worked diligently to build the program and keep it in the limelight through her efforts at marketing the Neuroscience Program, advising undergraduates, Kids' Judge and other outreach programs, plus planning and implementing numerous activities that have helped to build and advertise this successful program. Sandi spends hours traveling for recruiting, advising, and making presentations to students and prospective students in this program.

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Teri Olson receives the Dr. Gordon H. Keown Award posted August 2007

This award recognizes the outstanding performance and dedication by a staff member of the Equine Division in providing exemplary care to patients and in supporting the efforts of the clinical faculty to this end. Teri is a Scientific Instructional Technician and Equine Surgery and Equine Dental Technician in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences.


Colleen Engel

Colleen Engel

Recognized for providing live-saving first aid measures to a choking victim


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