Recognition Awards

Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 

Since 1997 the Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards have recognized staff members who have excelled in the performance of their duties as well as promoted team work and inspired excellence in others. Staff are nominated by their department and selected by an advisory committee. Awards are presented at the annual College of Veterinary Medicine back-to-school picnic and BBQ.

2020 - Individual Awards

Kristen Rosche

Kristen Rosche
Scientific Assistant
Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

Caitlin Estalilla holding awardCaitlin Estalilla
Academic Coordinator, Dean's Office

Jane Hommel holding awardJane Hommel
Veterinary Technician, Equine Services Group, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Krystina Karn holding awardKrystina Karn
Veterinary Technician Small Animal Surgery, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Kasey Burton holding awardKasey Burton
Veterinary Technician Small Animal Oncology, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

2020 - Team Awards

VCS Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory (MDR1 Testing Lab)

  • Becky Connors - Program Specialist – Research
  • Judy Arneson - Program Assistant
  • Kelli Brown - Office Assistant
  • Neal Burke- Research Technology Supervisor
Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory (MDR1 Testing Lab) team members

VTH Small Animal Surgery Technician Team

  • Rachel Kimbrel - Veterinary Technician
  • Krystina Karn - Veterinary Technician
  • Christina Ojanen - Veterinary Technician
  • Chris Dumas - Veterinary Technician
  • Christian Bowe - Veterinary Assistant
VTH Small Animal Surgery Technician Team members

2019 - Individual Awards

Rachel Olson

Bree Peterson

Lethea Russel 

2019 - Team Award

VCS Veterinary Teaching Hospital Anesthesia Team
From left to right:
Janel Holden,
Dean Bryan Slinker,
Mary Albi,
and Shelley Ensign,
Shona Meyer
and (not pictured)
Nicole Valdez

  • Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 2003

    Laurie McDermott

    Laurie McDermott
    Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)

    "Laurie is an excellent supervisor. She is hard working and always goes the extra mile to keep her department running. She is always friendly and attentive to customers. Laurie goes above and beyond for the hospital. Laurie is funny, outgoing, approachable, and makes it a pleasure to come to work. Laurie's sense of teamwork is exemplary. Laurie is an outstanding supervisor and employee unmatched in the university, and this organization is better off for having her around."

    Melissa Krug

    Melissa Krug
    Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology (VMP)

    "It is always a great pleasure to work with someone who can keep alert, is creative, and in good humor even when it seems that nothing is working. Melissa's greatest contribution is the excellent training and trouble shooting assistance that she provide for students and students from other labs. I have been awed by Melissa's positive attitude and professionalism. Many people would be overwhelmed by the vast array of responsibilities in our lab. Melissa sets an example as a team builder."

    Ernie Motteram

    Ernie Motteram
    Field Disease Investigation Unit (FDIU)

    "Ernie is extremely conscientious in his job activities. He has excellent interpersonal skills, is an excellent communicator and is respected and liked by students, faculty and other staff. These interpersonal skills, and his range science and ranching background, allow an easy intercourse with ranchers and farmers and also provides agricultural non-veterinary inputs and insights to livestock problem investigations. He is an absolute enthusiast for the activities of the FDIU and the College of Vet Med in both formal and casual associations with livestock producers."

    Katie McMenamin Snekvik

    Katie McMenamin Snekvik
    Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)

    "Katie is a team player who adapts her schedule to the needs of others. She is good humored and even-tempered in a demanding job. In spite of her heavy workload, she always takes time out to help others and does this in a quiet, efficient and unassuming manner. In my opinion, she is an example of the model employee. I wish we could clone her. Katie always shines with her positive, kind, innate good-natured outlook on life and people. Katie is an example of professionalism."

    Chuck Royce

    Chuck Royce
    Biomedical Communications Unit

    "He is friendly, always upbeat, and always has a good word to say to those he meets. Chuck is at the forefront of making it all happen. He handles difficult situations with maturity and wisdom. He learns fast and is not afraid to tackle new areas. For Chuck, every competitive challenge is an opportunity not just to survive, but to move ahead and thrive. Chuck doesn't sit on creative ideas. . . he puts them into practice, and makes the BCU work environment a better place."

    Alison McKiernan

    Alison McKiernan
    Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)

    "Alison's professionalism has always been above and beyond the call of duty in every aspect of her work. She is very meticulous in her work and has an incredible ability to manage her time to the utmost. Alison's inspiration to myself and to some of her coworkers lies in the fact that she has provided such a high quality of professional service for 25 years. Her positive attitude and unwavering approach sets a high precedence for us all. Above all, is the service she provides not only within the school, but to outside entities as well. The motivation to her work is fueled by the fact that she cares so much about what she does."

  • Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 2002

    Debby Alperin

    Debby Alperin
    Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology (VMP)

    "A collaborative spirit is one of the attributes that best characterizes Debby. This may be most apparent when you talk to the graduate students and numerous veterinary students who have worked in our lab the past 10 years. Not only do they have an obvious heartfelt affection for Debby, but they clearly respect her experience and advice..."

    Dan Rice

    Dan Rice
    Field Disease Investigation Unit (FDIU)

    "Dan's personnel management is outstanding. He has identified quality employees for open positions and he has continued to develop their technical and leadership skills after they have been hired. The morale in the lab has been excellent.."

    Connie Sakamoto

    Connie Sakamoto
    Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)

    "Connie is a diligent worker and an eternal optimist. Connie is competent and confident. She readily shares her experience to help others succeed in meeting their job responsibilities. She is incredibly humble about her skills and the impact of her contributions to the program.."

    Charlene Teitzel

    Charlene Teitzel
    Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)

    "Charlene's positive attitude and work ethic are some of her strongest attributes. I cannot recall a project/problem that I assigned to Charlene that was not completed/resolved in a timely manner and with a positive attitude- and this definitely rubs off on the other microbiologists whose work she coordinates...

  • Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 1997 - 2001


    Sharne Houston

    Paul Johnson

    Emma Karel

    Danielle Stanek


    Sandra Bellinger

    Daniel Bradway


    Kathy Feldner-Booth

    Rebecca Morton


    Rich Scott

    Jay Weidner


    Molly Loaiza

    Mary Jo Hamilton

Washington State University