Recognition Awards

Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 

Since 1997 the Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards have recognized staff members who have excelled in the performance of their duties as well as promoted team work and inspired excellence in others. Staff are nominated by their department and selected by an advisory committee. Awards are presented at the annual College of Veterinary Medicine back-to-school picnic and BBQ.

2020 - Individual Awards

Kristen Rosche

Kristen Rosche
Scientific Assistant
Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

Caitlin Estalilla holding awardCaitlin Estalilla
Academic Coordinator, Dean's Office

Jane Hommel holding awardJane Hommel
Veterinary Technician, Equine Services Group, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Krystina Karn holding awardKrystina Karn
Veterinary Technician Small Animal Surgery, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Kasey Burton holding awardKasey Burton
Veterinary Technician Small Animal Oncology, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

2020 - Team Awards

VCS Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory (MDR1 Testing Lab)

  • Becky Connors - Program Specialist – Research
  • Judy Arneson - Program Assistant
  • Kelli Brown - Office Assistant
  • Neal Burke- Research Technology Supervisor
Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory (MDR1 Testing Lab) team members

VTH Small Animal Surgery Technician Team

  • Rachel Kimbrel - Veterinary Technician
  • Krystina Karn - Veterinary Technician
  • Christina Ojanen - Veterinary Technician
  • Chris Dumas - Veterinary Technician
  • Christian Bowe - Veterinary Assistant
VTH Small Animal Surgery Technician Team members

2019 - Individual Awards

Rachel Olson

Bree Peterson

Lethea Russel 

2019 - Team Award

VCS Veterinary Teaching Hospital Anesthesia Team
From left to right:
Janel Holden,
Dean Bryan Slinker,
Mary Albi,
and Shelley Ensign,
Shona Meyer
and (not pictured)
Nicole Valdez

Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 2014

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Kimberly Dudley

Kimberly Dudley
School of Molecular Biosciences Grants and Contracts Coordinator

"Kim is an outstanding, highly reliable and motivated employee... she exhibits great competence and timeliness in performance of her job. Kim not only executes her duties efficiently and with grace, but also she routinely takes initiative to research for the most appropriate methods to accomplish her tasks. Indeed, she is not afraid to tackle the most complex and arcane issues."

Rachel Halsey

Rachel Halsey
College of Veterinary Medicine Academic Coordinator

"As I look around at all that's been accomplished or changed since Rachel came to work in the CVM, I am astounded." "Rachel is an extraordinary coordinator, herding faculty towards their goals without using the sharp prod." "In addition to her collegial nature, her collaborative spirit, and her simple ability to get things done, one of the attributes that most distinguishes Rachel is her quest for self-improvement and growth."

Jennifer McDonald

Jennifer McDonald
Veterinary Teaching Hospital Fiscal Specialist

"Jennifer accomplishes an amazing amount of work in her day... She has taken on additional duties, always with a 'how can I help' attitude and has been an integral part of our response..." "Jennifer's many roles are neither easy, nor are they set in stone. She is a very flexable employee who is always willing to take on additional tasks."

Lisa Orfe

Lisa Orfe
Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health Research Supervisor

"She makes it possible for many other people to be successful (training and trouble-shooting) while at the same time she fully engages in the creative process (experimental design, execution and analysis)." "She brings a 'can-do' creative, positive and friendly attitude to work every day (without fail) and everyone in the lab cannot help but be swept along."

Stephen "Kip" Prahinski

Stephen "Kip" Prahinski
WADDL Lab Technician

"Kip exceeds expectations in all ways possible" "Kip does so many behind the scenes tasks that most people will never have a clue how much they rely on him until he one day retires and those jobs no longer are 'magically' completeted. He arrives every morning before most people are awake." "He has eagle eyes when it comes to details and is proactive at maintaining our department's good reputation."

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology Administrative Office

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology Administrative Office

"Efforts are thorough and mistakes are rare. All go well beyond what is required of them and consistently offer additional help as needed..." "I cannot imagine my transition here as smooth as it was without their motivation and dedication."

Dr. Gordon Keown Award

The Dr. Gordon Keown Award is to "recognize outstanding performance and dedication by a staff member of the Equine Division in providing exemplary care to patients and in supporting the efforts of clinical faculty".


Lethea Russell

"Her knowledge and abilities are only overshadowed by her dedication to the equine surgery service." "She is an invaluable resource for the section as she helps train both students/residents as well as faculty on occasion." "The highest praise I can give her is that she is 'a good woman in a storm', meaning when things are going bad, you want her in the room."

Washington State University