Recognition Awards

Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 

Since 1997 the Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards have recognized staff members who have excelled in the performance of their duties as well as promoted team work and inspired excellence in others. Staff are nominated by their department and selected by an advisory committee. Awards are presented at the annual College of Veterinary Medicine back-to-school picnic and BBQ.

2020 - Individual Awards

Kristen Rosche

Kristen Rosche
Scientific Assistant
Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

Caitlin Estalilla holding awardCaitlin Estalilla
Academic Coordinator, Dean's Office

Jane Hommel holding awardJane Hommel
Veterinary Technician, Equine Services Group, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Krystina Karn holding awardKrystina Karn
Veterinary Technician Small Animal Surgery, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Kasey Burton holding awardKasey Burton
Veterinary Technician Small Animal Oncology, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

2020 - Team Awards

VCS Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory (MDR1 Testing Lab)

  • Becky Connors - Program Specialist – Research
  • Judy Arneson - Program Assistant
  • Kelli Brown - Office Assistant
  • Neal Burke- Research Technology Supervisor
Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory (MDR1 Testing Lab) team members

VTH Small Animal Surgery Technician Team

  • Rachel Kimbrel - Veterinary Technician
  • Krystina Karn - Veterinary Technician
  • Christina Ojanen - Veterinary Technician
  • Chris Dumas - Veterinary Technician
  • Christian Bowe - Veterinary Assistant
VTH Small Animal Surgery Technician Team members

2019 - Individual Awards

Rachel Olson

Bree Peterson

Lethea Russel 

2019 - Team Award

VCS Veterinary Teaching Hospital Anesthesia Team
From left to right:
Janel Holden,
Dean Bryan Slinker,
Mary Albi,
and Shelley Ensign,
Shona Meyer
and (not pictured)
Nicole Valdez

Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 2015

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Mustapha Maaz
Veterinary Information Systems Application Systems Analyst/Developer

“Mustapha is the ultimate team player as he combines a sharp intellect with a keen listening ear to help others create ingenious solutions to problems. His always positive attitude is infectious as he can turn someone’s doldrum day into a day full of interest and opportunity.”

Cassie Leonard (accepted by Kevin Snekvik)

Cassie Leonard (accepted by Kevin Snekvik)
WADDL Manager

“Cassie willingly and creatively embraces the service ethic in supervising her unit. She anticipates needs, deploys personnel resources to complete tasks, and maintains high standards, while simultaneously enhancing morale of a diverse staff…”

Rebecca Wolking

Rebecca Wolking
WADDL Microbiologist

“Despite the fact we have an extremely demanding section in terms of high performance expectations and work load, her inspirational attitude and great sense of humor makes our section an inviting place to work. Becca never flinches in stressful situations where we are short-handed and very busy. She just pulls up her shirt sleeves and gets to work.”

Darrell Nelson

Darrell Nelson
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience Instructional Lab Supervisor

“Darrel takes initiative and goes above and beyond often. He never complains when he has to come in early or stay late.” “Darrel is an excellent supervisor. I believe he is one of the best supervisors in the CVM…”

Neal Burke

Neal Burke
Veterinary Clinical Sciences Research Technologist Supervisor

“Neal is the most organized/neat laboratory supervisor I have worked with. He leads by example…” “He is able to accomplish all of this with a positive attitude. My laboratory has more workers now that ever but it runs more smoothly than it did prior to Neal taking over as a lab supervisor…”

Veterinary Teaching Hospital Animal Care Staff

Veterinary Teaching Hospital Animal Care Staff

“Over the past two years, the load in VTH has increased by more than 15%, challenging our capacity to maintain cleanliness and biosecurity throughout the hospital. Many of the changes have centered around biosecurity and cleanliness in the VTH. Every challenge was met by this team with enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude…”

Animal Resource Unit Large and Lab Animal Staff

Animal Resource Unit Large and Lab Animal Staff

“… Each staff member is cross trained to perform animal care or maintenance issues when there are absences. They work as a team and communicate between themselves and unit managers." "...All these people are experienced, think on their feet and work with each other to accomplish tasks…”

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