Recognition Awards

Resident & Graduate Student: Teaching, Service & Research Awards

Resident & Graduate Student Awards 2014

Katie Kennedy received the Dr. Ghery Pettit & Dr. Jack Robinette Surgery Scholarship which is given to a resident in small animal surgery, selected by the small animal surgery faculty. April 2014

Rebekah Lewis received the Dr. Ivor Evans Memorial Scholarship for Cancer Research which is awarded to a professional or graduate veterinary student who is actively engaged in cancer research. April 2014

Kim Lam Chiok received the Dr. Lynn A. George Scholarship which is awarded to a graduate student in veterinary science studying a basic research problem. April 2014

Katie Kennedy received the Dr.Philip Gollnick Scholarship awarded to a graduate student studying exercise science. April 2014

Meredeth McEntire received the Dr. Richard L. Ott Endowment For Graduate Research in Small Animal Medicine Award which is awarded to a veterinary graduate student actively engaged in small animal medicine research. April 2014

Elizabeth Biscoe received the Dr. Ron Sande Radiology Scholarship awarded to a resident in diagnostic imaging and selected by the radiology faculty. April 2014

Rebekah Lewis received the Jessie Strickler Scholarship awarded to an intern or resident in oncology or cardiology and selected by the clinical faculty. April 2014

Carrie Schmidt, Diana Short and Jacob Elder received the Mr.& Mrs. Delbert Caldwell Graduate Student Scholarship awarded to a graduate student Interested in production animal medicine. April 2014

Caleb Lund received the Outstanding House Officer Award which is chosen by the fourth year students based on his/her excellence in teaching, mentoring, acting as a role model and demonstrating compassion for clients and patients. April 2014

Katie Kennedy, Meredeth McEntire, Daniel Krull and George Wudiri received the Ron and Sheila Pera Scholarship Resident Award given to graduate or residents from the western US who intend to continue their careers in their home state. April 2014

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