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Jerry Newbrey Teaching Award


Dr. Jerry Newbrey
Dr. Jerry Newbrey
Dr. Jerry Newbrey was an exceptional and much beloved professor who taught anatomy and histology at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine from the mid-1970’s until he died in a tragic mountaineering accident in 1990. Jerry was passionate about students and teaching. He was infamous for his creativity in the classroom and teaching laboratory, and for his energy and unforgettable sense of humor. Jerry left his mark on all who knew him – students, colleagues, and the college. This award was initiated after his untimely death to honor his memory and to recognize an increased number of CVM faculty who provide excellent teaching in WSU’s pre-clinical DVM curriculum.

Jerry Newbrey Teaching Scholars

  1. The designation of “Newbrey Teaching Scholar” is awarded to faculty for excellence in teaching during the first 3 years of the veterinary curriculum.
  2. It is awarded to faculty who, according to the CVM’s standardized student evaluations, score in the top 20 percentile of the college on the query “Rate the Instructor.”
  3. For consideration as a Newbrey Teaching Scholar, a faculty member must:
    1. teach at least 10% of a course in the core curriculum, (or have at least 6 contact hours), and
    2. receive standardized evaluations from at least 50% of the veterinary students enrolled in the course.
  4. The Newbrey Scholars are recognized each spring for achievement in the previous calendar year. It is the duty of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs working with the Curriculum Committee to identify and approve the Newbrey Scholars.
    1. To identify the Newbrey Teaching Scholars, the evaluations for each calendar year should be arranged to identify instructors who meet the criteria outlined in part [3] and who are evaluated among the top 20 percentile.
    2. Instructors who are ranked among the top 20 percentile in multiple courses will only be recognized once. However, the number of instructors recognized will not be extended beyond the top 20 percentile even when the instructors who are ranked multiple times are eliminated from the analysis.

Jerry Newbrey Teaching Awards 2019

Gary Haldorson        General Pathology

Trish Talcott              Toxicology

Chrissy Eckstrand    Virology

Peter Meighan          Physiology

Ahmed Tibary           Theriogenology

Steve Lampa             Small Animal Anatomy

Cynthia Faux             Large Animal Anatomy

Kyle Taylor                 General Pathology

Annie Chen-Allen     Clinical Neurology

Jamie Kopper            Equine Medicine

Leslie Sprunger        Small Animal Anatomy

Patrick Wilson          Large Animal Anatomy

Bonnie Campbell     Small Animal Surgery

Tandi Ngwenyama   Emergency and Critical Care

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