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Richard Wescott Clinical Teaching Awards

Dick Wescott
Dr. Dick Wescott
Dr. Richard Wescott was a highly respected parasitologist, much loved teacher, and former Associate Dean for Students and Academic Affairs at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. For a more complete biography see HERE. Dr. Wescott is perhaps best remembered for his appreciation and respect for students, and for all he did as their advocate in his role as Associate Dean. The Wescott Award was initiated after his tragic death due to cancer in 1994. A goal of the award was to increase the number of WSU CVM faculty who are recognized for providing outstanding teaching and mentoring during clinical rotations.

Faculty - Details

  1. The designation of “Wescott Clinical Teaching Award” is awarded to faculty for excellence in teaching during the final (fourth) year of the veterinary curriculum.
  2. Wescott Scholars are elected by a poll of the graduating senior students each spring just before graduation. The poll will be conducted by the Office of Student Services under the direction of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs as follows:
    1. Each graduating senior will be given a ballot which they are required to complete and submit to the Office of Student Services.
    2. The ballot will contain a list of all faculty teaching in the senior year which is divided into 3 categories: (Small Animal medicine and surgery, Large Animal medicine and surgery, and Diagnostics/Services. The latter group should include faculty teaching seniors in Radiology, Clinical Pathology, Anesthesiology, the Field Disease Investigation Unit, Pathology, Toxicology and Diagnostic Parasitology, Bacteriology and Virology/Serology).
    3. Prior to distribution of the ballot, it should be reviewed and approved by all department chairs to ensure that no faculty have been omitted. All faculty on the ballot must be tenure track or instructor level.
    4. Seniors are instructed to vote for FIVE faculty members, including at least one in each of the three categories. The remaining two votes can come from any category (so there could be as many as 3 selected in one category.
  3. The Office of Student Services will tabulate the votes. The top SIX vote getters, including the top vote getter in each category will be designated “Wescott Clinical Teaching Scholars” for the academic year ending with graduation.

Technicians - Details

The Richard Wescott Clinical Teaching Awards are presented to outstanding Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVTs) for excellence in teaching during the fourth year of the veterinary curriculum. Technicians began being included in the Wescott awards in 2015. These individuals are selected by the senior class each spring before graduation. Veterinary Technicians in the VTH play an important role in teaching 4th year students and are frequently the ones standing next to them on the clinic floor. Many of them invest a significant amount of time and effort in the veterinary student training. To be eligible for this award an individual must be:

  1. A licensed veterinary technician
  2. Work at WSU within the College of Veterinary Medicine
  3. Be directly involved in the teaching of 4th year veterinary students
  4. Have not won the award in the previous 2 years

Up to 3 veterinary technicians can be nominated by each 4th year student. We encourage students to nominate technicians who they believe demonstrate excellence in teaching or an overall excellent dedication to teaching veterinary students. Including supporting comments is encouraged.

Technicians received 3 points for each #1 vote, 2 points for each #2 vote, and 1 point for each #3 vote. The three technicians with the highest point tallies receive this recognition. If there is a tie in the top three scores additional awards may be given to accommodate the tie.

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