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Dean Slinker Addresses Faculty and Staff

Oct 10, 2019

Dear faculty and staff, 
Today I am taking the position of WSU Interim Provost. President Schulz has asked me to step in during the search for a permanent leader at this important time for the university. WSU has given me a great deal throughout my education and career and I feel it is important to give back during this time of transition. I welcome the opportunity to add my expertise to the role of Provost and to work with senior leadership, deans, faculty, staff, and students to maintain the strong infrastructure of the Office of the Provost and build on that foundation to advance WSU’s academic goals as we seek excellence. 

What does this mean for the CVM?  Bob Mealey will serve as the interim dean for the College of Veterinary Medicine. He has many years of leadership experience as Chair of the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, Associate Dean for Research, and Director of the Animal Health Research Center. In addition, his many successes as a faculty member – he is a Distinguished Professor, has a robust research portfolio, and has a strong veterinary clinical background – add to his portfolio of relevant roles and experiences. Bob thus brings substantial organizational and leadership skills to the interim dean position.

The CVM leadership team is in the process of reaching out to our stakeholders, partners, donors, and alumni to share the news and address any concerns and new opportunities that may result from these changes. 

What does this mean moving forward? 
I have committed to the interim provost position until June 30, or earlier, upon completion of the search for a permanent Provost. Bob will work with the Chairs and Directors to lead further discussion and to establish goals and expectations for the next six to nine months for the College of Veterinary Medicine as you continue to move forward. 

The CVM dean search is ongoing and will not change its course – we still expect that the new dean will be named as soon as the search is completed, which on the current pace should be by December. 

There is no doubt that questions abound about what these transitions mean to each of you. I have great confidence in Bob’s leadership, and I assure you that I expect no fundamental change in our initiatives as we plan and execute toward achieving the college’s many goals and building on your many successes. 

My academic life has seen many unanticipated zigs and zags. This latest one is not the way I had expected to end my service to WSU, but our timeline for welcoming a new dean has not changed, nor has my timeline for retiring. Thank you for your ongoing professionalism in supporting the College of Veterinary Medicine and WSU during this time of transition. 


Washington State University