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Bustad Lecture with Lynette A. Hart (Virtual)


Join us for this years Virtual Bustad Lecture on Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 @ 4:00PM (Pacific Time).  

Veterinarians and Technicians can earn 1 FREE CE credit hour by attending!

Lecture Title:  Leo Bustad’s Legacy Today: Anthrozoology

A hallmark of Leo Bustad’s deanship at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine (1973-1983) and beyond was his tireless advocacy for the human-animal bond. Known as the peripatetic lecturer, Dr. Bustad (’49 DVM) captivated international audiences with people’s experiences from the People-Pet Partnership, a public service program he created in 1979. It was the first university-based program of its kind, People-Pet Partnership illustrated what one person could accomplish locally, and at the same time, inspired people around the world to create similar programs including pet programs in prisons, animals in nursing homes, therapeutic riding, and animals in elementary education. He spearheaded the national movement toward widespread animal programs that continue throughout the United States today, increasing pet ownership to new heights.  Meanwhile, the research on human-animal interactions was slower to take hold, but by now the field, known as anthrozoology, has accelerated throughout the world, both for research and teaching. Scientists want to explore roles of animals in extending longevity, protecting against depression, staving off frailty, and improving quality of life. The advocating volunteers who run the programs and the scientists who strictly examine the data are side-by-side furthering the anthrozoology that Leo Bustad spearheaded.

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