CE Webinar: Shoulder Injuries and Digit Injuries in Agility Dogs

Katy Heaton

Join us on Wed, October 12, 2022 at 5:00pm (Pacific Time) for an exciting CE Agility Dog Webinar.

Topic: Shoulder Injuries and Digit Injuries in Agility Dogs 
Cost: Vet $40; Tech $20; FREE to Interns, Residents and Veterinary Students
CE Credit: 1 Hour

An in-depth look at shoulder injuries and digit injuries in agility dogs. What types of injuries occur? What are the risk factors for injury? What factors influence likelihood of return to competition after digit amputation? What role do dew claws play in athletic function of agility dogs? What are the best options for treatment of shoulder injuries? Primary Assigned Speakers: Marcellin-Little, Sellon (Pechette Markley to assist)

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