Royal Canin Canine Canter

Canine Canter 2020


  • $10 for WSU Canine Club Members
    (Event T-shirt included)
  • $15 for Non-Members (Event T-shirt included)
  • Last day to register for an event tee = Thursday April 30th at 12 PM
  • Register Here



Anyone with a dog may enter. Costumes may feature other humans or canine companions, BUT entries must include one K9 contestant!

Innovation and imagination are welcomed here so the more unique, regardless of total # of participants, a photo is the more consideration the Canine Club & Royal Canin Judges Panel will contribute to it.


  • Please submit the form below and MAIL in or Pay Online for the registration entry fee.
  • Also include Owner/Participant name on the check.
  • Checks payable to:
    Canine Club c/o Caitlin Estalilla
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    PO Box 647012
    Pullman, WA 99163
  • Online Payments available on the following formats:

fill form individually per person
*even for shared dog owners*

Requested T-Shirt Size:

Disclaimer: I fully understand that WSU, WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, the Canine Club, and all Canine Canter sponsors are not responsible for any injury inflicted by my dog or unto my dog and self while at the Canine Canter. I understand that I am fully responsible for any injury or damage inflicted by my dog or unto my dog and/or self. All pictures taken at the Canine Canter of participants and pets may be used on the Canine Club website. I agree to allow the College of Veterinary Medicine use of my image for promotional use only.  I agree to provide proof of my dog’s current rabies vaccination to the race officials on the day of the race.

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