Entrepreneur's Workshop

Science Speak: Explaining Your Discovery to Everyone from Peers to the Public!

May 8, 2019
CUB Jr. Ballroom

Today’s world moves forward thanks largely to scientific discovery and innovation. In science our success hinges on our ability to communicate scientific concepts in a way that ethically emphasizes both value and impact. In this workshop, industry leaders will join WSU experts as we understand, deconstruct, and develop our ability to talk about science – any time to anyone – using methods that yield the best results.

As a great mentor of mine once said about big-pharma's communications machines, “Hopefully we can cure cancer tomorrow, but if we can't tell anyone about it, then it hardly matters."

Scott Maloney, MBA
CVM Director of Innovation and Private Sector Research Engagement
Managing Director, Crain & Company.

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Kay Brothers, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Coordinator, iPBS

Washington State University