Entrepreneur's Workshop



Wednesday, May 8, 2019


9:00 AM


  • Bryan Slinker, PhD, DVM, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Scott Maloney, MBA, Director of Innovation and Private Sector Research Engagement
9:30 AM

Communicating Science.
A discussion on messaging, telling the story, and the reasons good communication moves mountains and poor communication is never heard.

  • Strategic Communication
    • Bruce Pinkleton, PhD, Dean of the Edward R Murrow College of Communication
  • Scientific Communication
    • Allison Coffin, PhD, Associate Professor of Neuroscience at WSU and Executive Director of Science Talk
    • ACTIVITY ONE: Allison Coffin, PhD
10:45 AM

Translating Science.
An examination of audiences and why the same topic can (and should) be delivered many different ways. Also to include assessing the motivators of your audience.

  • Panel Moderator: Ron Moser, MAOM, PCC, Business & Organizational Development Executive, Clinical Assistant Professor for the Scott and Linda Carson College of Business
    • Investors
    • Media
    • Academic Administrators
    • Private Philanthropy
    • Policy Makers/Legislators

-- 12:00 PM LUNCH and 12:30 PM KEYNOTE --

2:00 PM

Delivering Science.
Working with examples on how to tactically message to specific groups for specific outcomes. Lessons learned in the field.

  • Panel Moderator: Tom Kawula, PhD, Director of the Paul G Allen School for Global Animal Health
    • Principal Investigators from WSU
3:00 PM

Scott Maloney, MBA




Washington State University