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Lauren Breymeyer

Oct 12, 2020
Less than two years after Lauren Breymeyer (‘19) graduated from Washington State University’s School of Molecular Biosciences, she’s now one of the frontline heroes combating the deadly pandemic.

As of last month, Breymeyer is a certified medical laboratory scientist working at Deaconess Medical Center in Spokane.

In her new role, the Pasco, Wash., product will spend most of her time in the laboratory, providing diagnostic test results to physicians and medical providers.

“When you go get a blood test, we are the ones that test your blood bodily fluids to make a medical diagnosis,” she said. “They always say we are the hidden profession because we offer so much information into a patient’s care.”

Currently, much of Breymeyer’s work deals with coronavirus testing.

“Just the fact I am able to do that, to play such a role in this response, it is so crazy to me,” Breymeyer said. “The fact I get to work every day and help doctors behind the scenes treat others, it’s really rewarding.”

Breymeyer said she initially wanted to go to medical school, but she realized before that patient care wasn’t her thing.

“Physicians, they see people on their worst days and that takes an emotional toll,” Breymeyer said. “I wasn’t cut out for that.”

So, she went to Heritage University in Toppenish, Wash., and became a certified medical laboratory scientist instead.

Breymeyer said WSU’s microbiology curriculum really set her up to succeed after graduation.

“Even in my classes last fall (at Heritage University) I looked at my notes from my classes at WSU,” she said. “I had a really good foundation going in where I could narrow down and go into the topics deeper; some of my classmates didn't have that same exposure.”

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