Theia, a 1-year-old bully breed mix

Sara Mellado of Moses Lake reunites with Theia – a stray, injured dog she took in and named – at WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. (Photos by Linda Weiford, WSU News)

Theia Update

Apr 21, 2015, 11:47 AM by Richard B. Link

Theia-April-21Theia, the ownerless dog that a month ago was hit by a car, bludgeoned, and buried only to crawl out of its shallow grave four days later returned to Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital this morning for reevaluation.

The surgery team headed by Dr. Boel Fransson says the plan currently is to re-visualize the damage with two types of endoscopy.  Veterinary surgeons and internal medicine specialists working together will introduce a flexible endoscope (like a telescope) into her mouth and curl it back into the sinus cavity from the point where it naturally drains into her throat.  In the meantime, another part of the surgical team will use a small rigid endoscope and enter her nose.  Together, they hope to establish whether or not they can open the sinus with a minimum amount of additional trauma.

For now, Theia is an active dog that would appear to the untrained eye to be normal.

Her story will be featured tonight on KXLY, Channel 4 out of Spokane, Wash., and KLEW Channel 3, out of Lewiston, Idaho.

Additional updates will follow tomorrow.

Washington State University