Theia, a 1-year-old bully breed mix

Sara Mellado of Moses Lake reunites with Theia – a stray, injured dog she took in and named – at WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. (Photos by Linda Weiford, WSU News)

Theia pm update 04/27/15

Apr 27, 2015, 16:02 PM by Richard B. Link

Credit all photos to Henry Moore Jr. BCU/WSU

Theia prepares to enter the CT scan to confirm the placement of the stent in her sinuses completed last Friday 04/24/15.

Theia can clearly breathe freely through her nose and no longer has to breathe through her mouth after WSU veterinary surgeons opened her sinuses with a laser and placed a stent in the passageway to hold them open.

Theia still waits.

Theia gets sleepy after an injectable sedative was given to her before undergoing the
repeat CT scan. The sedative is used so she will hold still to help provide the best images.

Theia is positioned before the CT scan begins.  Images showed the stent in her sinuses was in the same alignment where it was introduced and she has an open airway now.

Washington State University