WSU Raptor Club | Gus

WSU Raptor Club page banner showing Gus the Great Grey Owl


Gus is a great gray owl (Strix nebulosa) who came to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in September of 2009. He was found on a driveway in someone’s yard near Spokane, unable to fly due to a fractured right wing. When he arrived at the vet hospital, the attending veterinarian determined that the wing was so badly fractured that it could not be saved. The veterinarian made the decision to amputate his wing at the elbow. This proved very fortunate for Gus, since amputations above the elbow tend to cause major difficulties for captive birds; without extenuating circumstances, euthanasia is mandated by law for such birds, in the interest of their own welfare. Gus’s amputation was just below this threshold, allowing him to remain healthy in captivity. Since he can no longer fly, Gus will spend the remainder of his life in captivity.

Washington State University