WSU Raptor Club | Sawyer

WSU Raptor Club page banner showing Sawyer the Northern Saw-whet Owl


Sawyer is a Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) found in the bushes of someone’s backyard in 2013 so they brought her into the vet hospital. She sustained an injury that does not allow her to extend her left wing so she joined the club in August 2014. Her specific injury is unknown, but is most likely soft tissue damage because X-Rays did not show anything unusual. DNA testing would have to be done to know the sex of Sawyer since males and females do not differ in coloration; however females are on average 20% larger than males. Because of her larger size, Sawyer is suspected to be female. Sawyer came to us as an adult and because of that, we are unsure of her age.

Washington State University