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Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Rehabilitation of a Golden Eagle

A young Golden eagle, most likely male and about a year of age was brought to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital on July 9, 2003 after being found near Grangeville, Idaho. The bird was unable to fly.

Examination of the bird showed dehydration, poor body condition and a drooping right wing. Radiographs (x-rays) showed a fracture of the right humerus. The fracture was beginning to heal and was in good alignment, so surgery was not necessary and the wing was stabilized with a bandage. In order to improve the bird's ability to use his wing, he was anesthetized every other day for physical therapy. His recovery so far has been very good and we fully expect to be able to release him soon. While being exercised on a creance (a long line to allow him to fly), he flys very well, has a strong wing beat and is able to gain height while flying into the wind.

Washington State University