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Snowie '05

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Snowie the Bald Eagle

Snowie, a juvenile bald eagle

Snowie, a juvenile bald eagle was presented to the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University last July with a fractured wing. She had been found in the McCall Idaho area.

It was discovered that she had five fractures; a fracture of the humerus, 2 in her radius and 2 in her ulna.  Her chances for rehabilitation and release were poor. Since Snowie was a juvenile, we were able to gain her trust, train her, and were able to get her to perch on our arms on the day she left.

Snowie gained the attention of Steve Irwin whose television show airs on the Animal Planet cable channel and Snowie will be featured in his show airing in April.

The students at WSU gained valuable experience from Snowie. Her daily routine included exploring the exotics ward and playing with our feet and pant legs.

Snowie required a larger home than we are able to provide so she will take up residence at the Zoo-to-You in California. We will miss her greatly.

March 2005

Washington State University