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Morris Release 2016

Raptor Releases

Golden Eagle released August 29, 2014

Glen the bald eagle, released November 27, 2012

Sauder the bald eagle, released March 12, 2012

Great-horned owl chick, returned to nest, Mar 21, 2011

Rio the Swainson's hawk, released May 2010

Burns the red-tailed hawk, released October 2009

Stephens the peregrine falcon, released November 2009

Maier the bald eagle, released April 2009

Maverick the bald eagle, released May 8, 2008

Kim the bald eagle, released November 13, 2007

Family the peregrine falcon, released August 2007 

Golden eagle, released March 22, 2007

Strike the great horned owl, released October 2006

River the bald eagle, released July 2006

Narisah the peregrine falcon, released January 2006

Freeway the great-horned owl, released July 2005

Corina the peregrine falcon, released February 2005

Erin the bald eagle, released December 2002

Bald Eagle, released February 2001

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